Several foreign national airlines currently offer service to Chile. From the U.S., American Airlines and Delta offer daily service. Lan Chile, the Chilean National Airline, also offers daily service. During our summer season, it may be difficult to secure last minute reservations.  Plan and reserve early!  Once your plans are formulated, check immediately with your travel agent to reserve your flight. If you wish, we can put you in contact with a travel agent who specializes in South American Travel to allow you to obtain comparative fares. We also suggest that you review your passport to assure that it is valid not only for your departure, but for your return as well. We encourage you to make a photocopy of your passport and keep it in a separate location.

The majority of foreign flights depart in the evening for Chile and arrive early in the morning at the Santiago International Airport. A one-time $100.00 entry fee is collected at customs. This fee must be paid in cash and in U.S. Dollars.  As you proceed toward customs, you will take an escalator downstairs. Turn to your left to pay this entry fee before proceeding to customs.  After receiving your luggage and clearing customs, exit to your left, then take the elevator to the third floor to the national flight ticket counters and gates where you’ll connect with your 90 minute flight to Puerto Montt’s International Airport - El Tepual.

Your flight from Santiago will arrive in the late morning or early afternoon. You’ll be greeted in the Puerto Montt airport by our staff. For guests traveling on to El Patagon, we’ll meet you in the El Tepual Airport to assist with your flight connection south where you will be greeted by our staff on your arrival.  Those guests staying  at Yan Kee Way, will be transferred to the lodge.  Similarly, at trips end, we’ll escort you to El Tepual airport from Yan Kee Way Lodge, where you’ll make your flight connection to Santiago and your return home. We will also meet those of you returning from El Patagon to provide any assistance you may need to make your connections to Santiago.


YAN KEE WAY and EL PATAGON Lodges, located on the Pacific side of the Andes, are subject to more temperate weather conditions and precipitation than Argentina. The result is apparent in the lush, verdant landscapes and higher annual rainfall in Chile. The further South one proceeds in Chile, the higher the annual average rainfall. LOS BANDIDOS, protected by the Andes from the Pacific’s direct influence, is hotter in the summer and colder in the winter with overall lower annual precipitation. If you are joining us from the Northern Hemisphere, you will notice that your winter is our summer!  Temperature ranges during the summer season are:




November - December

50 - 70 F

70 - 80 F

January - March 15th

60 - 75 F

75 - 95 F

March 15th - April 15th

45 - 60 F

60 - 75 F

If  the weather in our region at this moment is of interest, you may obtain a text based summary of  the local temperatures and weather in Puerto Montt, Chile from this link.  The information will be placed in new browser windows so that you may continue exploring our site while it is loading.


Dress at our lodges is casual. Personal comfort should dictate your choices. So just bring along comfortable clothing in which you can relax. Take a look at the temperature chart for the time period that you will be with us and use it as a guideline in your clothing selection. However, keep in mind that no one can guarantee the weather. It is a good idea to employ a layering philosophy in your clothing selection


Detailed information related to clothing and equipment suggested for your fly-fishing expedition may be found on our Fly-fishing clothing and equipment page. It is important that you bring the specified equipment as we cannot guarantee that we will be able to supply you with your requirements

You may use the following links to the Pre-Trip documents that are also available on the fly-fishing equipment page to access Adobe Acrobat documents which contain useful information about each lodge:

Yan Kee Way Lodge Pre-Trip Information Document

El Patagon Lodge Pre-Trip Information Document



Given the variety and diversity we offer in our sport adventure and cultural adventure expeditions, we have included descriptions of the specific clothing requirements and personal items that you should bring for each of these activities. Based on your expedition plans you may find a great deal of overlap in these requirements. Please note the clothing and equipment list in the top section of each expedition description. It is essential that you bring the specified items as we cannot guarantee that we will be able to supply you with the appropriate equipment you are required to bring, if you arrive here without it.

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