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YAN KEE WAY and EL PATAGON lodges are also close to the sea.Double header rainbows With ready accessibility to estuary fisheries, we offer opportunities to fish for very large rainbow and sea-run brown trout, steelhead, and silver, Atlantic and king salmon. King salmon exceeding 50 pounds ply these waters. A further bonus of our estuary fishery is the assurance that you will have additional fishable waters should unseasonable rains put some of our local rivers out of shape. While we focus primarily on fly-fishing, we also satisfy customers who desire to pursue this abundant salmon resource beyond the estuaries. Our professional Pacific Northwest and Alaskan guides will escort you on a traditional salmon fishing expedition on the salt chuck.

17 in girth rainbowEstuaries -- where fresh waters engage the salt -- are home to fine rainbows like these. They eat their breakfast, lunch and dinner in the sea. Incoming tides carry them to the rivers for their dessert. When we talk about 17 inch estuary fish, we are talking about their girth rather than their overall length.

Typical coho to flyThe stream and lake fishing season in Chile begins, in most areas, in the month of November and continues through the middle of April. El PATAGON Lodge is situated in a region that opens its season with large runs of spring salmon, silvers, kings, steelhead and sea-run brown trout  in the month of November.

Fresh kings, some in excess of 23 kilos, make their way from the lower Palena, through Rio Rosselot, Lago Rosselot and the Rio Figueroa to distant spawning grounds in Argentina. Whether taken as an incidental catch, or by design, one of these sea fresh fish will change the tempo of your entire day.

YAN KEE WAY Lodge is nearby the salt water estuaries of the Rio Petrohue, Rio Cochamó, Rio Puelo and the Rio Maullín, to mention but a few of the better known of these fisheries in the immediate area.  In the last five years the Spring Salmon run has been increasing to the point that we are now offering Salmon fishing to our clients.  Some have caught Kings in excess of 60 lbs. on our home river. 

The saltwater fishing season in Chile is open all year. If you are planning a trip to Chile outside of the stream and lake season, let us know. We will provide you with saltwater fishing which presents a variety of salmonoids,  including silver salmon, like this one on the left, rainbows, like the one shown below and a wide variety of local saltwater species which are extremely aggressive.

Rainbow on the way upstream

Imagine your hands on a nice rainbow like this!  Why leave it to your imagination?

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