• CLASSIFICATION : Light activity
  • FREQUENCY : Daily
  • PERSONS  : Min 2 persons.
  • DEPARTURE : Morning or afternoon, from Yan Kee Way.
  • DURATION  : Min. 2 hours.
  • INCLUDED  : Motor craft, guide, and accident insurance.
  • NOT INCLUDED  : Anything not listed in the program.
  • GUEST PROVIDES: comfortable clothes, windbreaker, swimming suit,sunglasses, and sunscreen.
  • Price per person : USD (Inquire) Additional hour : USD (Inquire)

Lago Llanquihue is the third largest natural lake in South  America.  Small towns, many of which incorporate the word “Puerto” in their names, surround it.  Puerto Varas, founded in 1854 by German colonists in their efforts to colonize this  beautiful, verdant but forest covered land.  In the years thereafter, additional small towns sprung up around natural ports, using the lake as the only means of transportation in the area.

Yan Kee Way Lodge is located in the South East corner of the Lake, in a small bay or “ensenada” which was once the port of Ensenada, and now is a small village with the same name.  Our Lodge  location is unique; perhaps the only place in the world like it. Volcano Osorno terminates at the waters’ edge, forming the North Eastern shoreline of the bay. It is one of, it not the only, places  in the world where one can see a volcano in a stand alone setting.  The most similar comparisons are Fuji in Japan and Mt. Rainier in Washington State.  Unlike other volcanoes, Osorno, is  not lost amidst a surrounding mountain range.  One can see precisly where this 8,730-foot volcano begins and ends.

Our expedition departs from the beach in front of Yan Kee Way  lodge.  We will have the opportunity to appreciate the scale of the lake and its surroundings.  It’s easy to imagine what the early day colonists must have felt in their small boats as we  look at the wooded shore line and contemplate their thoughts as they moved across the expanse of this lake using oars, the wind and, finally, steam for propulsion.  We will enjoy a pleasant trip  along the shore of the Lake, were we will see beautiful landscapes near the impressive cone of Osorno Volcano.  The lush native vegetation covers the many lava fingers that fan out, reaching out  into the lake, creating, a series of small coves along the shoreline.

Depending on the day and the season you will spot local wild life along the wooded shoreline.  The waters are  clean and clear. One may see through the water, to depths of over 30 feet, to the lake bottom.  During the fall, you may have the opportunity to spot salmon and trout that use the fine bottom sands and underwater springs for their spawning grounds.  Return to Yan Kee Way Lodge.  Special trip for people who love nature and who want to spend an enjoyable day on the water with the  family.


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