• FREQUENCY  : Daily
  • PERSONS  : Min 2 pax. (Max 8 pax for guide).
  • DEPARTURE : 07:45 hours a.m., from Yan Kee Way Lodge
  • DURATION  : 10-11 hours approx.
  • INCLUDED  : Transport, guide, accident insurance & picnic lunch.
  • NOT INCLUDED : Anything not listed in the program.
  • GUEST PROVIDES: Backpack, trekking boots, and shoes, warm clothes, windbreaker, water bottle (1 lt.), sunglasses, sunscreen.
  • Price per person : USD $ (Inquire)

Our expedition departs Yan Kee Way Lodge to Petrohué, on the shores of Todo Los Santos Lake, established as small port on the lake by the early pioneers of this region.  There were no roads around the lake then. There are no roads here now.  Those who live and make their existence in this remote part of the Andes Mountain range still depend on the lake and boats for transportation.  Petrohué also remains the point of departure for those who cross the Andes, by water and by land, to nearby Argentina.

We board our boat at Petrohué with the Manzano River as our destination.  During the 20 minutes boat ride on the emerald waters of Todo Los Santos you will have a spectacular view of the Puntiagudo and Osorno volcanoes.  At the Manzano River our expedition takes us into a dense forest with a wide variety of trees and plants typical to this area. Eventually we come upon an old road, cut out of the wilderness, by the region’s original settlers. They built this primitive road to gain access to the Alerce forest.  Alerce, like redwood or cedar provided a central element in the construction of the homes and building of the regions’ pioneers.

Alerce trees, now a protected species may not be harvested while living. Those that are down in the forests may be utilized and are still valued for the quality and beauty of the wood.  Due to thick vegetation, which springs from the forest floor, our pioneer road transitions into a path, along the Manzano River—a path leading us to the ancient stand of Alerces.  Suddenly we find ourselves in a valley filled with ancient Alerces trees.  Some of these trees have been in existence for more than a 1,000 years.  We have arrived at what is known as the Alerzal of River Manzano.

Surrounded by the timeless beauty of the valley and its ancient Alerce forest, we will enjoy our picnic lunch.  After relaxing in this serene setting, we return to the beach at Playa León where our boat awaits to take us back to Petrohué.  Back to Yan Kee Way Lodge.  Special trek that may be enjoyed alone or with the family.


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