• CLASSIFICATION : Medium-HardExpedition Photos
  • FREQUENCY : Daily
  • PERSONS  : Min 2 persons. (Max 8 persons per guide).
  • DEPARTURE : 07:45 hours A.M., from Yan Kee Way Lodge
  • DURATION  : 8 hours Approximately.
  • INCLUDED  : Transport, guide, accident insurance & picnic lunch.
  • NOT INCLUDED : Anything not listed in the program.
  • GUEST PROVIDES: Back - pack, trekking boots - shoes, warm clothes, wind breaker, water bottle (1 lt.), swim suit sunglasses and sunscreen.
  • Price per person : USD  (Inquire)

We depart early in the morning from Yan Kee Way Lodge to Petrohué on the shores of Todo Los Santos Lake. On our way to the lake, we’ll pass through areas that are the out fall of the rivers which flow from the sides of Osorno Volcano.  On warm days, it is possible to see what appear to be dust clouds arising from the flanks of the volcano.  In reality, these are ash clouds raised by the flowing waters making their way down the volcanos’ flanks. We will cross vast areas of black ash that have been brought down by the glacial melt.  You will appreciate the might of the volcano as you will see the results of the ash flows experienced during her eruptions. One can only imagine what it must have been like during her periods of activity.

Leaving Petrohué, we head upward toward the skirts of Volcano Osorno (8,730 feet in height).  Our trek takes us through Osorno’s volcanic canyons where amazing rock formations are etched out of the canyon walls by the melting snows and glaciers of Osorno.  As we head upwards to Desolation Pass, at an altitude of 5,610 feet between the Osorno and Cerro La Picada volcanoes, we will also see a wide variety of lava formations created by the lava flows that built Osorno.  The vistas from this mile high vantage point are spectacular.

While ascending Osorno, we will have the opportunity to observe native trees and fauna of the area, as well as spectacular vistas of the environs of Todos Los Santos Lake from this high vantage point.  When we’ve reached our destination, we’ll enjoy a well-earned picnic at the edge of a beautiful waterfall from the melting snow and ice of the volcano and surrounding mountain tops. Our descent will take us to Playa Larga on Lake Todo Los Santos, where those who wish may take a refreshing dip in the lake before heading back towards Petrohué.  Back to Yan Kee Way Lodge.


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