• CLASSIFICATION : Easy-light activityExpedition Photos
  • FREQUENCY : Daily
  • PERSONS  : Min 2 pax. (Max 8 pax for guide).
  • DEPARTURE : 07:45 hours a.m., from Yan Kee Way Lodge
  • DURATION  : 5-6 hours approx.
  • INCLUDED  : Transport, guide, accident insurance & picnic lunch.
  • NOT INCLUDED : Anything not listed in the program.
  • GUEST PROVIDES: Backpack, trekking boot, and shoes, warm clothes, windbreaker, sunglasses, sunscreen and water bottle (1 lt.)
  • Price per person : USD (Inquire)

We leave Yan Kee Way Lodge for Petrohué located on the shore of Todo Los Santos Lake.  At Petrohué, we board our boat and head across the southern end of the lake to a large inlet of the lagoon where we will disembark at the mouth of the Cayutué River.  Our expedition begins on the riverbank where we enter the temperate rainforest heading towards Cayutué Lagoon.

During our trek we’ll come across the different species of birds typical to this area including the, Martín Pescador, Chucao and Tiuque and bright green loros. Magnificent trees and mosses will surround us.  As we gain altitude, we will have a great view of Puntiagudo Volcano and the magnificent mountaintops of the Andes including the famous Derrumbe. The lagoon is situated in a broad clearing surrounded by the Andes.  Old apple trees, planted long ago by the early colonists, still remain in the area.  Reeds surround the lagoon, which are home to dragonflies and other insect life.  You are likely to see brown and rainbow trout aggressively snatch them from the air and the surface while we are there.

After a rest and a well-deserved picnic on the shore Cayutué Lagoon, we will return to the beach where our expedition started and our boat will take us back to Petrohué.  Back to Yan Kee Way Lodge.  This special nature expedition, combining a land and water exploration, is sure to be enjoyed alone or with the family.


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