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This aerial view is of the El Patagon compond.  The fogon, at center, is where lamb is  BBQ’ed Patagonia style.  Several guest cabins are shown around the semi-circular pathway.  Glassy clear waters of our home river make sight casting exciting.


This aerial view shows our home river on the left and our lake frontage and spring creek on the right.  The view is from one of the mounts in the Andes which surround our lodge. 

Pioneer House near river's edge


What’s New At El Patagon?
Many of our guests have become good friends and some have accompanied us on several  exploratory Patagonia fly-fishing trips. They were with us on horseback, camping out, cooking over an open fire, seeing and being places where few ever get to venture and to top it all off, fishing in waters that seldom, if ever, get fished.  They suggested that we broaden our fishing program to offer this opportunity to people interested in a more adventurous outdoor program.  So we did just that.  We developed a 10-day program, which includes one day for travel at the beginning and at the end of the trip.  The program is for the adventurous and physically fit fly-fisher.  It involves horseback riding, hiking and floating small and medium river systems in Ayer rafts and WaterMasters.  You sleep in tents, cook over open fires, and sometimes overnight in local Chilean bed and breakfasts.  This 10 day fly-fishing adventure costs just $3,000 for the 10 days.  When we put this package together for the season and discussed its feasibility with several of our booking agents, who were instrumental in encouraging us to develop the program, they immediately sold out all of this season’s positions!  If you’re interested in receiving more information about this exciting new Patagonia fly-fishing package and our trip dates for next season, please contact Mr. Paul Kinney at:

What We Have Discovered
during the last several years has validated our selection of this remote area for the location of El Patagon Lodge.  Its abundant natural beauty and the quality of its fishery are difficult to surpass.  A number of guests have returned to fish with us including some for their forth-consecutive season.  Among all of the things we had heard about this area, the ability to enjoy dry fly fishing all season long was not among them.  Excellent dry fly fishing, throughout the season, at El Patagon is a greatly appreciated bonus for our guests.  For those who relish seeing fish take large surface flies, we have the waters for you.

As one might expect, when you have incredible fishing, word gets around.  The highest compliment to our fishery comes from other well-known Chilean fly-fishing lodges.  Some of them, far to the north and whose Patagonia fishing program is on Lake Yelcho, Rio Yelcho and the Futalefu River, are now driving their guests up to 3.5 hours, each way, to offer them a few hours of fishing, for one afternoon, after reaching the far eastern boundary of our fishing grounds on the lower Rio Rosselot.  The long 7-hour round-trip drive from these distant lodges provides them with less than a one-half day taste of our tremendous fishing.  Our guests enjoy El Patagon’s central location in the fishing grounds, all week long, with floats that start right on the river outside their cabin or that are but a 15 to 30 minute drive away.

During the last seven years, we obviously discovered many new and secluded waters.  We have added to our land holdings in order to offer you access to these newly discovered remote and secluded Patagonia fishing venues.  Our most recent purchase is an additional 242 acres with frontage on two river systems.  We are finalizing the purchase of 440 more acres that fronts on yet another remote Patagonian river system. An easy 5-hour horseback ride takes you to this 440-acre property which is in some of the most beautiful valley lands we have ever seen in the Andes range.

All territory surrounding El Patagon is comprised of large private holdings like our own.  Unless one is a landowner, the right to enter these remote areas over private lands, ranges from very difficult to impossible.  Thus, our new land holdings provide us access on jointly held easements locking-in our right of transit and enabling us to offer you some of the most remote and beautiful fishing experiences available anywhere in the world today.  We are not through discovering or purchasing in this area.

El Patagon’s Location
Our guests always ask us how we found this fantastic place.  A number of years ago, we heard a persistent rumor about the fantastic fishing in the area surrounding what is now our El Patagon Lodge. Our curiosity and interest resulted in explorations in this area and making contact with people who had excellent first hand knowledge of the area and its fishery.  One of the people we met mentioned that he knew an American pilot who operated a float plane in this region before the first access road was opened in 1988.  We were disappointed to learn, however that this pilot no longer lived in Chile.  Through a series of coincidences, we were finally able to locate him in the U.S.  We met with him and learned that he is a Patagonia fly-fishing enthusiast. While living in Chile, he used his float plane to pursue his passion for fishing. During our visit, he graciously provided us with copies of military maps on which he had marked his, until then, “secret” fishing locations.  He was also kind enough to describe, in detail, what he had discovered in the several years he flew into the area.  In 1995, possessing information about the places and times likely to produce fish, we began our explorations of the area and the fishery.  The earlier stories we heard regarding the fishery coupled with the information from our new friend--the fishing pilot-- proved true. Results exceeded our expectations! All of the locations our friends shared with us have yet to be explored. We are, however, methodically working our way across the maps.

The beauty, serenity and remoteness of the area provide an unanticipated bonus.Rio Figueroa at front door It is a wilderness with very little infrastructure. Living and operating conditions during our explorations, even for the Patagonia, proved to be extremely uncomfortable and difficult.  Having a comfortable place to return to at the end of the day is key to a great fishing experience.  We were determined to find the right piece of land for a Patagonian fly-fishing lodge. We wanted a base of operations with easy access to the fishing and one that would allow us to provide the personal comforts necessary to enjoy this area to the fullest.  Natural resources to facilitate sport adventure and cultural expeditions were important determinants, as we planned to offer a broad range of activities for our guests.

We found an ideal property. It is almost 5 square miles of land area and its location provides an excellent base of operations.  The son of the original homesteader sold the property to us. It has both lake and river frontage for our guests to explore. The Rio Figueroa, shown above, is but a few pace from your Cabin.

El Patagon Cabin

We have an enormous temperate Patagonian rain forest that is on the site.  We are protecting it to maintain its natural state for now and for the future.  In fact, we established a working relationship with CONAF, the national agency responsible for protection and management of forests throughout Chile, to assist us in this endeavor.

The Lodge
El Patagon was designed to comfortably accommodate eight fly-fishing guests. There are four separate cabins like the above with the red roof. Each cabin has a full bath with shower, built-in closets and a wood-burning stove.  For those who chose a rustic atmosphere we have installed kerosene lanterns that you may use in lieu of electricity.

Cabin Living room Cabin bedroom and bath
El Patatagon cabin Bath

In the middle of the compound is the common area on which is built a fogón. An eight-sided structure, the fogón is a typical Patagonia shelter in Chile.  We use it on evenings when roasting lamb or some other meat, a la parilla or Patagonian Style, for the main course.  Our guests gather around the fire while the meat is slowly browning to swap fishing stories, enjoy their wine as they watch their dinner slowly reaching completion.  The Lodge compound was constructed in a rustic local style to reflect the character of the region and the temperate rain forest or cool jungle in which it is located.  In building El Patagon, we used teams of Oxen with carts to carry the materials into the forest from the road.  These great animals also pulled the deadfall and other materials around on the site.  From time to time, we contract with our neighbors to bring these big bulls in to assist us, as they are very efficient when it comes to moving things around on the property.

The El Patagon dining room and cook station are shown below. The dining room and lounge at EL PATAGON is a 30-foot diameter yurt from Pacific Yurts in Oregon. The visual juxtaposition of this structure, typical to Mongolia, with the classical fogón from Chile provides a working example of two, ancient, but very functional clear span building types.

A small but important detail is shown below.  A combination changing and drying room is yours to enjoy.  You have your own gear storage locker.  You may change into and out of your fishing clothes here and avoid loading up your cabin with fishing gear, waders and clothes.  This room also serves as a drying room for your boots and waders at day’s end.  Convenient restroom facilities are in this building as well.  We want you to be comfortable in all aspects of your stay with us.

We talk a great deal about fishing on our web site but we want you to have everything you require when you come off of the river.  For those who desire a sauna or hot tub at day’s end, you’ll love these wood fired amenities overlooking the Figueroa River. Just below the hot tub is a cold stream to compliment the sauna and hot tub.

The Alps of El Patagon

The beauty of this Patagonian location equals the fishing. We escort and guide you on various water types presenting you with the opportunity to catch many different species of fish.  You may literally choose a different type of water and fishing style each and everyday while fly-fishing at El Patagon. Your possibilities are limited only by the amount of time you have to spend with us.

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