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Latitude 42° Restaurant Calbuco Volcano in the background

Frommer’s Review of Latitude 42° Restaurant

We’re always pleased when others, especially experienced and widely traveled others, find our services worthy of excellent reviews.  Immediately below is a review from Frommer’s Travel Guide for Chile and Argentina.

Frommer’s says:

“This is the finest restaurant in Southern Chile, located right on the lake overlooking the volcano and offering an unrivaled dining experience in the Lake region.  The décor is perfect. Marble and brass chandeliers, fireplaces made of volcanic rock, orangey leather chairs, picture windows overlooking the water, a basement “cave” for wine tasting, and a cigar bar that sells ‘Havana’s’.  Service is superb.  And only the highest quality produce, mostly local and organic, create the most tantalizing dishes.  The smoked salmon is smoked in-house using the finest cognac.  The meat is aged on the premises so the filets served are as tender as can be.  Fish is brought daily from Puerto Varas, usually sea bass and conger eel.  Specials change daily and the entire menu changes weekly.  The cellar houses outstanding wines, and impressive collection from over 50 vineyards.  Pastries and deserts are also terrific, even the heavenly chestnut ice cream is homemade.”

Hass Mroue - Frommer’s Argentina & Chile

We are pleased that Yan Kee Way Lodge and our Latitude 42° Restaurant received Frommer’s highest rating and are also featured in their Chilean countrywide list of “Best Places.”  We appreciate their providing us with this review to share with you.  We find their travel guide provides an excellent source of local information, which we use ourselves while traveling in Chile.  If you are not a guest at Yan Kee Way Lodge and wish to dine at Latitude 42°, please contact us for reservations to assure that we will have seating available for you. Our local number is 652-212030.  An international call must be dialed as 56-652-212030. You may also prearrange private events at this number.  If you will be on a cruise ship with a stop in Puerto Montt, Chile and are interested in unique, small group, special events, wine tasting, and tours, contact Xclusive Xpeditions™ to make arrangements for you.


Our Latitude 42º Restaurant is located in the compound, on the shore of Lago Llanquihue

Latitude-42º overlooking Volcano Osorno and Andes
It features a two level main dining room, a bar with a large wood burning fireplace and a fogon for small group dining and meetings . Beneath the fogon is our famous Cave, a favorite for those who enjoy Cuban cigars from our private reserve. The front of the restaurant is surrounded by a broad verandah. It overlooks our outdoor parilla, fashioned to function as a celestial calendar, sundial and compass when not being used for cooking. Local residents travel up to several hours, each way, to dine with us. For you, our guest, it’s but a few paces away from your YAN KEE WAY residence.

Just a few steps down from the main entry is our bar. Passing by the mermaid in the fountain, you enter into a warm and comfortable atmosphere replete with old world charm. It’s a great place to start and end the day.
Fire place in bar

The fireplace is incrusted with volcanic stone from Volcano Osorno.  Its warmth and rustic charm create what has become a  favorite hangout of our guests,  both before and after dinner.
Barman with Pisco Sour

This bar both serves the main dining room and the fogon.  The fame of our wine list has grown.  We  feature the best wines from wineries throughout Chile.  Tastings and parings may be arranged and are a speciality.

Fogon overlooking the beach,  lake and Volcano Classical Fogon Design

Lower level main dining room
Lower Level Dining Area

Lower level corner window Corner Seating with  Custom Designed Chairs and Tables

Lake view seating with lake and sculpture Main dining room, lower level. Volcan Osorno and Lago Llanquihue provide a beautiful setting to accompany your meals.

Stonefly metal art work
This two meter long stone fly may be seen from the dining room front window of the restaurant.  While we have some great fish, we have yet to have one jump from the lake and rise to this bait.
Sculpture and hallway from bar
Many fine pieces of art, commissioned specifically for the lodge, are on display.

Examples of our Chilean Cuisine and our International Menu are available for you in Acrobat files which you may read by clicking on one of the appropriate icons below. While our menus change frequently, these samples provide you with a you with an idea of the types of plates that we offer to our visitors and lodge guests. During your stay with us, each day  you will have several different appetizers, entrees and deserts from which to choose.  You may also suggest to the Chef, plates that you would like to have and we will do our best to provide them for you. Interested in seeing our Organic Farm where we grow our vegetables and fresh produce? Click here!


Click here for International Menu

Click here for Chilean Cuisine menu

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